Secret order

Secret order

The first rule of Pie Club is: you do not talk about pie club.

The second rule of Pie Club is: you DO NOT talk about Pie Club!

You have reached the inner sanctum of our secret pie society and must be fanatical about pies.

The Secret Order of the Pastry is a collection of Tasting Cabinets dedicated to sampling new or revised Pieminister recipes. Your opinion as a pie gourmand is of the utmost importance to Pieminister’s chefs and the tasting notes you submit after each Session will help them to continue to make pies of the very highest quality for the people of Britain.


To join the Order, you must:

  • be fanatical about the great British pie
  • assemble 12 or 6 trusted cabinet members who share your passion for pies
  • be committed to eating pies 4 times a year when Tastings are in session
  • be happy to wear a limited edition Pieminister T-shirt (which will be sent to you) when Tastings are in session
  • receive 24 or 12 pies per Tasting ( 96/48 pies per year)
  • elect an MP (Master of Pies) who will have the power to select the other members of the cabinet (max. of 12) and be responsible for organising the quarterly Tastings
  • ensure the MP takes delivery of all pies, goodies and tasting cards on a quarterly basis and ensure that all tasting cards are completed and returned using the SAE to PMHQ
  • be responsible as MP for collecting the annual subs of £20pp from the rest of the Cabinet

The Secret Order of the Pastry costs £5pp per Tasting. To join and form your own Cabinet:

  • Please download and fill in this form, then return it to
  • Make a payment of £120 or £240 per annum, on behalf of your Cabinet
  • Every cabinet member will be rewarded as a highly esteemed pie taster with gifts sent for each Tasting. Shhhh… careless talk costs pies…

Join Pieminister’s secret society today!