Pieminister Brand License packages

Pieminister Brand License packages

Pieminister have been making award winning pies for over a decade and the brand is recognised as a mark of quality and great taste. Through the success of Pieminister’s restaurants and some of Britain’s best pubs and bars, Pieminister have a proven track record of successfully making and serving pies. This experience have been used to build a simple, tried and tested franchise package for partners.

Pieminister has two brand packages suitable for pubs and university establishments – Pieminister At and Pieminister Served Hot. You can read more about these packages below or you can speak to one of the Pieminister team to find out which package is right for you. Call 0117 950 4567 or click here to request a meeting.

Pieminister at 

Pieminister At offers exclusive access to the Pieminister brand, full menu and all products. Coupled with brand marketing, campaigns and new product innovation – it will revolutionise your business and sales.  This package is typically for businesses that don’t currently offer a food menu or don’t have a working kitchen. As part of the package, Pieminister will help you to re-design your food space, introduce and launch your new menu and serve and sell pies, sides and more. This is an exclusive package so only Pieminister menu items can he sold.

Pieminister Served Hot 

Pieminister Served Hot is a lighter package designed for businesses who typically have an existing food offer, that either want to simply or enhance their offer by introducing Pieminister pies to their menu. Through the use of the Pieminister brand and marketing this package will help you to sell more food (and drink) and increase your sales.

Both packages have been developed to increase your sales whether you are a pub or university establishment (other establishments will also be considered). So call the Pieminister team today to find out more 0117 950 4567.


Frequently asked questions


What is a Pieminister Brand License?

Both brand licenses come with an equitable contract. The Pieminister At is a five year mini franchise agreement and Served Hot is a rolling agreement.

Why choose Pieminister?

We’ve been making award winning pies for over a decade (established in 2003). As a brand license partner (franchisee) we would give you unrivalled access to our brand, as well as our range of products.


Our friendly team offer partners straight-forward, effective training and advice right from the start. Pieminister’s in-house design team will incorporate our stand-out branding and style into your existing venue, creating a hip and inviting environment for your customers to eat, drink and relax in.

Our dedicated brand license innovation team works strategically, creating new products and marketing campaigns to keep our proposition fresh and exciting for your customers. Our brand license package is designed to help your venue reach its full potential in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible, even when space and staff are limited:

  • There’s no need for a full commercial kitchen
  • Portion size, wastage and stock control issues are minimal
  • No chef is required

The Money Bit

Every brand license premise is different depending on size and location, so we will work on a joint business plan with you to determine your sales uplift (turnover), profit and pay back period.

To become a Pieminister At licensee you are required to:

  • Fund the fit-out of your site.
  • Pay a one-off nominal license fee set at £2500. This cost includes Pieminister’s design fee, launch marketing & training and operational manual.
  • Pay £1600 (typically 2% of net food turnover) to cover the cost of continued business monitoring, new product innovation, marketing support, update training and regular business reviews.

To become a Pieminister Served Hot licensee you are required to:

  • Pay an initial license fee of £1000. This get you Served Hot starter pack (details can be supplied) and year one of ongoing business support.
  • From year 2 pay £450  to cover the cost of continued business support.

Read how this partnership is working for our Brand Licensees today.

The Nellie Dean

Covent Garden

View story

The Nellie Dean in Soho wanted to make better use of its upstairs space and reach its potential with an award winning pie menu.

The Nellie Dean

"Upstairs at Nellie's is now seen as a separate area of the Pub with it's own identity and a consistent level of service and quality.


Bruno, the Manager

Exeter University

View Story

The Guild at Exeter Uni was in desperate need of a cool new look and premium food offer for its students.

Exeter University

"The support provided by the helpful team has been invaluable and the response from our students (and staff!) has been strongly positive."

Jen, Catering Manager

Do you have what it takes?

  • Is your venue in a large town or city?
  • Do you have the finances in place to invest in your venue?
  • Do you have a strong business plan?
  • Is your team as committed as you to drive your business forward?
  • And are you passionate about delivering a single food concept done well?
  • Are you passionate about great customer service?

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